Who We Are

“Most simply stated, our clients want to fall in love with their yachts and as designers, our fundamental mission is to create the object of their dreams: an exciting, functional, satisfying seagoing work of art.”

JOSEPH ARTESE DESIGN is a highly creative design office, based in Seattle, which has been specializing in the styling of yacht interiors and exteriors for over 30 years.

Equally at home with sail and power, Artese’s collaborations with many of the world’s leading naval architects and builders have resulted in some of the most elegant yachts afloat. His clients range from production manufactures to members of the Saudi Royal Family.

Joseph Artese production designs have broken sales records and had a seminal influence on the industry. His custom yachts have been recognized by both the International Superyacht Society and the ShowBoats Design Awards.

A wide range of design services are available, including exterior styling, human engineering, space planning, interior architecture, color and materials specifications, lighting plans, sky lighting and particularly extensive working drawings of joinerwork details,  by hand, in AutoCAD & RHINO 3-D. Styling ranges from the traditional to ultra-contemporary.

As an artist, Joseph Artese is a perfectionist who designs with a keen appreciation and respect for the particular needs of each of his clients, taking the time to ascertain, understand, and creatively expand on their desires. His attention to detail is legendary among the yards with whom he has interfaced.

Artese is an industrial designer, with extensive experience in aerospace interiors and production yacht design. A sailor and ocean racer, he approaches each project with the multiplicity of this experience.

Artese brings form, function, and creativity to his clients. With his awareness of the beauty of natural light, he raises sky-lighting to an art form. With his sense of human engineering, he designs spaces that are safe for use in extreme conditions, seating that invites lounging, functional galleys and stairways that are expressions of grace. With his sense of the practical, convenient stowage becomes as important as the beauty of the enclosing cabinetry.

The office of JOSEPH ARTESE DESIGN recognizes the importance of the team approach to the designing and building of custom yachts. As the projects grow in scope, complexity, and sophistication, interfacing with naval architects, builders, system engineers, lighting, audio experts, and other specialists becomes increasingly critical to the success of a project.

Artese is a member of the International Superyacht Society and with over thirty years of experience, is also a respected member within the community of specialists of custom yacht design.

Whether the project is a production boat, a high-speed sportfisher, a classically styled ketch, or a yacht of 300’, it will be approached with the same degree of care and interest, to be designed as a functional, sea going work of art, a unique artistic expression, but always reflecting the client’s interests as a point of departure.




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